Secret gardens 2016

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll probably remember me talking about opening our garden up to the public. We do it most years, here is last years post. I won’t go on too much about it as it’ll probably sound very similar.  My husband is very much the gardener in our home, he’s put so much time and effort into it, I’m very proud of him because it looks amazing. We received some lovely compliments from lots of visitors to our garden which makes all that hard work worthwhile. This years event was on June 19th, Fathers Day.

This is our pretty hanging basket at the front of the house. The flowers are actually a bit more peachy in real life.

And these are the dahlias sitting either side of the front door. I think they look quite tropical.

These beauties sit in the border on the right as you enter the garden, our pink themed border. Alongside this little stunner..

And these poppies. They have such delicate petals, one gust of wind in the wrong direction and it’s ruined.

Just around from these we have our big tree fern.

I love watching nature do its thing and seeing these unfurl into the big, lush leaves it produces.

Next to this is our chicken corner. I’ve told you all about them here. I decided this year to print off a photo of each of the girls with their name on and display them so visitors can see for themselves. They are a huge talking point on the day and we do find that we end up repeating ourselves quite a bit!

One lady even asked if we had any of the pictures of Rolo left for sale! Maybe next year!

The border on the left of the garden is a beautiful one indeed. This is the one that had to be started again from scratch last year after our wall collapsed in high winds. Well it’s just gorgeous this year. It’s colours are white and purple.

I think the alliums are possibly my favourite. I dedicated a whole post to them last year. These sweet peas smell absolutely divine.

Just across and round by our bay window, we have these… They smell like vanilla, mmm.

And next to this is our little bistro set. This is the hubby and I on the morning of the secret gardens. Unfortunately they caught me before I’d had chance to put any make up on.

And moving up the garden we have my most favourite flower, the peony.

So pretty.

Next up is Jude’s area. We created this last year, you can read about it here.

I’m so pleased we managed to set aside an area just for Jude because he loves nothing better than coming out into the garden first thing in the morning, wellies and pj’s on. He’s going to be the outdoors type, I can tell.

I’ve found a new favourite place to sit in the garden too. Just here…

I have no idea why I never used it before now, or anybody for that matter. It’s tucked right away and if I’m quiet, nobody knows I’m here. It’s so peaceful. This is the outlook from the bench..

I love the fringe of the Salix just dangling above me.

At nightime it’s just as enchanting with fairy lights illuminating it just enough.

And I couldn’t leave the chickens out could I?

I have quite a thing for fairy lights as you can probably tell. They’re just so pretty and far too nice to only come out at Christmas.

I’m digressing, back to the garden! The top end of the garden has our main seating area, water feature and a whole host of lovely potted plants. There’s our herb ladder which got so many people going home to hunt in their garages for an old ladder to paint up.

The salad leaves at the very bottom are super tasty, we had some a couple of nights ago with our burritos.

Then we have these common geraniums that probably feature in half the gardens in the country. They have to be one of my favourites though, especially against the brick wall.

Here’s our new baby tree fern surrounded by some lavender and grasses. That fern on the right just sprouts itself out of our steps every year.

So this is what our garden looked like full of people.

We had our resident musician playing for us again this year, he was great and even carried on in the rain. We popped a few bin bags over his equipment and he was good to go. The rain did win in the end though, it was torrential, really not conducive to viewing people’s gardens. It didn’t stop some people though, the hardcore among us, of which I’m not one of. I spent most of the day indoors actually keeping Jude out of the way and preparing many cups of tea for our stewards who helped out and preparing food for our BBQ in the evening. It became in indoor affair as the rain kept on coming but we still had a good time.

Let’s hope we get a nice, long, hot summer now so we can really make the most of our beautiful outdoor space.

Back soon with some more crafty goings on…..

Vicki xx


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