Rose garden 

We don’t have roses in our garden and I’ve just this year begun to take a liking to them. It’s okay though, as just a short walk from our house is The Arno. 

It has, as you can see from the sign, been around for quite some time. Here’s a really old picture of it.

But this is it today..

It’s really pretty, especially in the warm sunshine that surprised us today. I’ve probably come a little late as some of the flowers are just finishing. But I did manage to get a few photos of some rosy loveliness.

The smell is just beautiful, so delicate. 

These aren’t roses but they take me back to my childhood. I always remember seeing these and I seem to recall they were Victoria Plums favourite flower. Maybe I’m making that bit up, but that’s what they remind me of anyway!

The Arno has a Green Flag Award too. Although it’s a council maintained area, it still needs a lot of looking after and regularly needs volunteers to come along and help out. They formed a group called The Friends of The Arno who do a fantastic job. We’re very lucky to have people who care about where we live.

So, what else has been happening this week? Not much really. Quite a few trips with the little man to the park.

We spent a lovely hour by the sea the other morning. 

And as for crafting, well I’ve been working on a new project, completely unplanned. Sometimes I think those work out the best.

And it’s almost finished too so I’ll show you properly very soon.

Have a crafty weekend all xx

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