Hello cosy

I’ve decided to make more effort to decorate the house to reflect the seasons, well the dining room at least. It’s the perfect room as it’s a bit of a blank canvas and has a very relaxed, calm feel about it.

My first idea was to do something with the leaves I collected the other week, here’s my post about it. I wanted the leaves to stay their gorgeous colours for as long as possible so I decided to run them through the laminator and see what happened.

There, not too bad. They stayed like this for a couple of weeks until I decided what my plan was for them. Last week I decided I really must do something with them so I cut around each leaf.

The colours haven’t really changed much since laminating them so I guess it worked.

I went for a walk in the park the other day on the hunt for the perfect branch. The park was very pretty indeed.

It was good to get out of the house and see a bit of nature, we’d had a poorly house for quite a while and we hadn’t ventured out apart from to the shops. It was much needed to lift my spirits. Anyway, with perfect branch (covered in moss which was a bonus) in hand, I was finally able to finish my little project. I punched a hole in the leaves and threaded them onto some string tied to the branch. Ta-Dah!

I’m quite pleased with that. A little bit of outdoors brought indoors and some great Autumn colours too.

The area I wanted to focus on mainly was the fireplace as its the focal point of the room. I bought some artificial leaves from eBay and threaded them onto some yarn to make a garland. I then hung it together with my fairy lights which are a permanent fixture.

I got some lovely looking squashes, the young girl on the till in Aldi said to her colleague “how much are the funky looking pumpkins?” Ha ha!

And from our local wholesalers for all things lovely, I got some other autumnal bits for dressing the room. Some faux hay bales, leaves, acorns and berries.

I love how it’s all come together, it feels very homely and cosy. Along with our new comfy chairs so we can sit (and I can crochet) by the roaring fire.

I feel like we’re the old couple from the movie ‘Up’ with his and hers chairs!

I’d also planned on doing some crochet decorations but it just hasn’t happened.  I made about 5 little leaves which look rather pathetic on their own.  I might make a nice wreath ready for next autumn, who knows?

This year was my first ever time carving pumpkins, I can’t believe I’ve never done it till now. I got a bit carried away and got 6 but I think they look great all together. The kids helped with these and thoroughly enjoyed getting their craft on.

Although they look good outside, I am rather worried they might go walkies so indoors is where they’ll live.

Once the log fire and a few candles are lit, it’s super cosy. Add some gentle music, a mug of tea and some nibbles and there you have a perfect evening right before you.

It also fits in well with a concept I’m very interested in called Hygge. It’s a Danish word with no direct translation but it basically means, cosyness. I’ve asked for a book on Hygge for my upcoming birthday so I’ll maybe do a post all about it sometime. But for now, this is my Autumn set-up, and it shall stay this way until December when Christmas will come and sprinkle festive cheer around.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Vicki xxx

Snap Happy

You probably already know but I kinda love to take photos. Of all kinds of things.I get extremely carried away.  I’m the designated family photographer so if I don’t take photos then they don’t exist.  This also means I rarely appear in the family photos but that suits me most of the time. I’ve never liked having my photo taken. It would be nice to be in some, so there’s evidence I was actually there and when the kids look back on them in years to come, they can see us as a whole family.  I think photos are such a treat to look back on, they can spark memories of days out, places you’d forgotten about and can take you right back into that very moment.  I think my earliest memory was of being at a park on top of a slide and I was wearing some fabulous seventies get-up. There’s a photo somewhere of that day and I think seeing that photo from time to time probably helped to keep that memory alive.

My cousin and uncle recently dug out some old, old photos of when we were young and when my parents and grandparents were young too. It was really great to see them, I got quite emotional.

It’s so easy in this day and age to take photos at a seconds notice, not like when you had to remember to carry your camera with you, make sure it was charged, or even back when you had to have a 35mm film and only got one shot or you’d waste the film. Then you had to wait ages for bonus print to process them only to find it covered in one of those stickers. Or when your uncle  had one of those flashes that looked like a tower attached to the top of his camera? Do you remember those? All of my photos are taken with my i-phone which I think has a great little camera. One day about 18 months ago, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  I’d gone for a little walk with my eldest and youngest son down to New Brighton, about ten minutes drive from our home. As we were walking along the weather seemed to turn.  It was really quite eerie but at the same time rather wonderful to be there to witness this unusual occurrence first hand.




Using the wonders of modern technology, I uploaded them straight onto Facebook.  Within an hour or so, my little photos had been shared around the internet, onto a couple of weather pages and a I had local businesses wanting to use them.  Then I was contacted by the Liverpool Echo who wanted to feature my picture in the paper! It was all very exciting.  It made the front page as well as inside.

More recently, I often edit my photos a bit, just to try and make them the best that they can be. I don’t mean photoshop or anything but I use Instagram.  It wasn’t even until recently that I actually started to use Instagram as a social media platform, it was purely a photo editing app to me! I always try to put maximum effort into making something as good as I can get it.

I often think it’d be amazing to be able to blink and capture the image that you see before you.  So many times the photo never quite does the subject justice. I’ve been told and I like to think that I have an eye for a good photograph (although I hate to blow my own trumpet). I’ve learnt that to take a good photo there are lots of elements to consider like light, angles, background and positioning amongst many, many more. Obviously I’m not a professional but I would like to do a course one day and learn properly.  Although that’d mean I’d have to buy a decent camera with scary settings and stuff cos I don’t expect they’d let me in with my little i-phone! Though saying that, you can get lenses especially for camera phones now that allow you to try different effects.


This blog post has actually been sitting in the drafts folder for about a year, yes a year! It didn’t have any written content, just a title and some photos. It’s taken until this week when a friend asked me to take some photos of her knitted and crocheted toys and accessories for her, that made me think I really must get around to finishing it.  I thoroughly enjoyed conducting a little photo shoot in my dining room and I was pretty pleased with the results too.





So many WIP’s, so little time

I have recently gone against all my own rules about not having too many projects on the go at once. I don’t know what’s come over me but I have so many things stashed in bags and baskets around the place, all screaming to be finished. I just keep starting new stuff, even my hubby disapproves.

The longest standing one has to be this…

It’s been in this state for almost a year a half!! That’s disgraceful. It’s going to be a blanket for me. In the new year I will give it my full attention.

Then there’s my blooming flower cushion. Another one for me. I started it way back in July I think? I keep finding excuses not to finish it off, don’t ask me why. I’m just getting a bit bored of it. 

It’s so close to being done, well the front of it is anyway. Just a few rows to go.

I was keen to start working with some of the yarn I brought back from yarndale so I started this…

And this..

I can’t say too much about these as they’ll be gifts, but I’m loving how quick the chunky yarn is working up, really fast. I made the schoolboy error of not buying enough of each (I always underestimate) so both had to go on hold while I awaited delivery of more.

Aren’t the colours of this delicious?  Very autumnal. I’ve been taking every opportunity to sit and crochet by the fire, it’s so cosy.

I’ve also started some leafy things but I’ll show you those next time.

I started writing a list of all my current WIP’s and planned ones, well it was ridiculous.  I MUST start crossing things off the list, NOT add any more to the list, NOT buy any more yarn and most certainly NOT start anything else until I’ve finished a few of these.

If I stick to that then I shall soon be back on track. 

Vicki xxx