Baby Bookworm

Baby J has really been into his books of late.  It makes me so happy to see him go pick up a book and browse through it, like he’s genuinely interested in it. He had nearly 3 bookshelves full of books ready and waiting for him before he was even born!





I used to take him to ‘Baby bounce and rhyme’ when he was younger but as soon as he found his feet, he was off. Trying to do a runner! That never happened when he was still this size…

Our local library is a very impressive building. 

It was really hard to get a decent photo of the whole building. There’s some huge trees in front of it now. So I had to use our friend Google to find these…


This was opened by King George V in 1934. It’s a gorgeous piece of architecture. The inside is as you’d expect too.

It’s such a shame that all our libraries are at risk of closure. It’d be a very sad day if this was to close. We all need to use them more. I challenge everyone of you to pay a little visit to your local library, you might be surprised at what they can offer. It’s not just book lending. I saw a notice today for a knit and natter group every fortnight. I might just pop down there and see if they’ll welcome a crocheter to their little group!

I’m hoping when Baby J is a bit older, I’ll be able to take him along to some of the storytelling sessions they do. But for now, he’ll have to make do with mummy reading him Beatrix Potter at bedtime.

Night night xx