Family time 

We had one full day left of our trip and I’d planned to take my mum, nan and sister-in-law out for afternoon tea. All ladies lunching. It was a nice little tea rooms in a place called Sandhurst, just down the road from my nans.

My nan is a lovely lady and doing good for her 91 years. She’s getting a bit frail these days which is expected but still sad. Earlier this year she gave up her allotment which she’s had ever since I can remember. Her passion has always been gardening and growing her own produce. 

She lit up whenever I used to ask how her allotments were doing. At one point a few years back she had 3 plots on the go! Anyway, she reluctantly decided that she could no longer manage it. It was a huge deal for her.

We had a lovely time there, the food was great and the service excellent. 

I do wish I could sometimes transport myself down there to pop in for a quick cuppa and a chat. I know she gets a bit lonely and can’t get out as much as she used to. I can at least make an effort to call her more.

The next morning we got up early and went to Hythe for a boot fair. We don’t get many round our way. Jude did very well, tons of trains and cars for about 20p each. 

There was a vintage fair on here too, some gorgeous things. A lovely cast iron chair which would have been perfect for our garden by the water feature but it was very pricey. We found a couple of great records though.

We walked past the canal into the high street to the shops. This one was lovely, we added to our record collection again!

We stopped off for an early lunch in here.

Well, that was us done, time to pack up and get back on the road. We weren’t looking forward to the journey but after the dreaded M25 it wasn’t too bad. It was sad to say goodbye, the time always flies by so quickly. It was however, lovely to get back to our home, and our beds. And some crafting……

Vicki xx

Rye ❤️

Our trip down south would not be complete without a day in Rye, East Sussex. It’s a very special place to us. It’s where the hubby and I used to go for a rare child free day out when we first started dating, we had some lovely times here. We loved the place so much that we chose to get married there. 

First stop was to the little old fashioned sweet shop on the high street for a quarter of chocolate nibbles and peppermint creams. It’s like the law that we have to come here every time. The shopkeeper is usually very chatty with a story about Paul McCartney to tell. Not this time though, maybe he was all talked out.

Just along the High St and up the hill is Simon the Pieman’s. It’s often full when we come but today we were lucky and got a table.

We’ve been here in the winter before and it’s so cosy with the open fire burning.

Rye has an awful lot of history, I’m not going to bore you with it now but Google it if you’re interested. After lunch we walked just up the hill about 30 yards to the church. It’s beautiful inside. You can go up the tower and take in the view but we’ll do that another time when we’re without a buggy.

Just around the back of the church you’ll find Rye Castle and the gun gardens.

We had a lot of our wedding pictures taken here. 

Walking around Rye can be a little challenging depending on your choice of footwear. It’s worth it though as the cobbled streets are so pretty and full of character.

Some of the houses are a bit quirky , look at this one…

It’s the house with two front doors! There’s another road where a couple of the doors are numbered 44 and 44 1/2!

It’s the little things like that, that make this town so charming.

East Sussex is relatively flat but Rye is perched up on a hill and has wonderful views.

I think it looks a bit like a model village here. Down by the harbour there are some gorgeous antique shops.

I could pootle around these shops for hours if a certain little person wasn’t around. They’re crammed full of some really unusual pieces. The only person who came away with anything though was the above mentioned little person.

He found a little vintage London bus with Carnaby Street on funnily enough. It kept him busy for hours.

Back up the hill towards the town, we found a national trust property. It’s called Lamb House and was the home of authors Henry James and E.F.Benson.

There were only 3 rooms open which were  nice, but it was the walled garden I was really looking forward to seeing. It didn’t disappoint.

You can have a nice cream tea sat under the trees, how lovely would that be? It was a very typical English country garden, so pretty.

Just a few minutes walk back into the town and we stopped into Grammar School Records.

It’s been there for donkeys years. It’s a proper old fashioned shop full to the rafters with vinyl records. We’ve recently purchased a record player so can now start our own little record collection.

Directly opposite is The George In Rye. It’s the most beautiful, elegant, Boutique hotel I’ve ever seen.

On the first floor there is a Georgian ballroom which is where we said our wedding vows and danced the night away.

So, six years on, we paid the garden a little visit for a drink in the sunshine.

The weather was pretty much as it was on our wedding day, just gorgeous.

All in all, a perfect day. I do believe a little piece of my heart will always be here in Rye ❤️

London baby!

Apologies for the absence, we’ve had a few lovely days away visiting my family down in Kent. After a 7 hour journey down there we were exhausted. I had planned this visit down to the very last minute. I figured that if I did that, we wouldn’t waste time dithering about what to do and there wouldn’t be any disagreements. I wanted to make the most of every moment. It actually worked out well. The following morning, we got up early and jumped on the 9.04 train to London. Jude was rather excited as he has a huge train obsession. After about 20 minutes the novelty wore off though. It turns out he much prefers playing with them to travelling on one.  Our plan once reaching the city, was to hit the natural history museum first, that plan got scuppered by ridiculous queues to get in. The science museum just behind however had no queue whatsoever. We spent a while in there then made our way to Piccadilly Circus.

There just happened to be the Cath Kidston flagship store there, so I thought it’d be rude not to. It was amazing although I didn’t have time to look properly. I did make a couple of purchases though, from the sale rail of course! After that we decided to go for some lunch. There’s a great place we always end up in Soho called Bodeans.

They do the best pulled pork burgers I’ve ever tasted. Very reasonably priced too considering it’s London.


After lunch we went to some comic book shops for our eldest then found ourselves near Covent Garden. It’s been years since I’ve walked through there, I forgot how nice it is.

The weather was looking a bit grim by this stage but we carried on regardless. Up to Carnaby Street next.

There were some nice shops here but the one I really wanted was Liberty of London. 

I’d never been before and I fell in love. It was so much more than I was expecting. I felt like I really shouldn’t be taking photos in there but I couldn’t resist. Everywhere I turned I was wowed. It’s a beautiful building inside and out. They had these amazing chandeliers hanging through the centre. 

I only really looked on a couple of the floors as time was tight and kids were getting bored. I’d love to come back sometime and do an adult only day, it’d be a whole different experience.

Here’s a few yummy images from inside that I swooned over.

Isn’t it just amazing? Did you spot the fabric and all that yarn? I’d love to get my hands on some of that.

Next stop was Oxford street for the boys to visit the sport shops. We were all getting very tired now, we’d walked for miles. We grabbed a box of Krispy Creme doughnuts and sat in Trafalgar Square to eat them. It was my first ever Krispy Creme so I thought it should be a special moment.

We were ready to drop so got on the train to head back. It was a great day but also nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everything is so busy in London, it does feel like you can’t stop, breathe and enjoy it. I certainly couldn’t work or live there but nice for just a day.

This week I have been mostly…

Having Donkey rides! This was at the weekend at a national trust house we visited. He loved it and cried when it was time to get off. The donkeys were called Gavin and Stacey!

Making pomanders with my step daughter. I love the smell of oranges and cloves. That and cinnamon is just the essence of Christmas.

I’ve also been dressing the real tree in the dining room, I have to admit I think this is my favourite one.

Here’s a picture with one of our pooches, Amber.

She’s very cute isn’t she? The next morning I came downstairs to find she’d chewed a few ornaments from the tree. The cute ones are often the worst.

I’ve been wearing my Christmas jumper at every opportunity, I LOVE it! I’m getting all the wear I can out of it as after Christmas it’s not really appropriate.

I’ve been trying to do a bit more crochet, it’s coming on… Slowly. And I’ve squeezed in a couple of Christmas movies. The Christmas shopping is finally finished so I need to start wrapping soon, that’s going to be a mission and a half.

Christmas crazy 

I love Christmas. No, I mean I REALLY love Christmas. Just call me Mrs. Christmas. It’s probably my favourite time of the year. I love the build-up to it anyway. I’m extremely predictable when it comes to how I feel about it. The month leading up to the big day is brilliant, the actual day is good, quite hard work and a bit of an anti climax if I’m honest, then by Boxing Day I’m so over Christmas and just want to start taking the decorations down, get the chocolates eaten and the house returned to normal. Every year I’ve been the same, without fail. I do tend to wait till New Year’s Day normally to take the tree down but not a day longer. It’s always such a good feeling getting the house straight again and having a good spring clean. It feels much bigger too doesn’t it?

This year though, my mind turned to thoughts of Christmas much earlier, before we went on holiday in fact. I really don’t know what’s come over me. It’s like one of Father Christmas’s elves sneaked down and spiked my drink with festive cheer ! I’m not complaining, I’m loving feeling all festive, but I think I’m alone in my thoughts. I don’t care though, I shall carry on spreading merriness wherever I go and everyone else can catch me up when they’re good and ready.

I’m almost done with the Christmas gift buying.  Just a few to go. I’ve sent big son up into the loft to dig out all the decorations. I’ve made a start on dressing the hall, I don’t usually do a great deal out there but I have big plans for it this year, watch this space….

There, a little hint of what I have in mind. That’s all you’re getting for now!

One thing about the lead up to the big day is movies. I just love Christmas movies, so much. We’re getting quite a collection now..

Now I believe Christmas movies have their own categories within. You’ve got your old classics like White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn. Your RomCom/Chick Flick ones such as Love Actually (probably my all time favourite), The Holiday. There’s the brilliant TV specials, Gavin and Stacey, The Royle Family, The Vicar of Dibley & Only Fools. The kids magical ones, The Snowman, Polar Express and many more. Then there’s the likes of Elf, Santa Clause the Movie, Scrooge, The Grinch, all great movies even though they’re watched every year. You also have the ones that aren’t actually Christmas films, but you still associate them with it. The Wizard of Oz, Oliver, Gremlins, Home Alone. There are of course far too many to mention. I’m making it my mission this year to get through them all. That’s never happened so far. I’m thinking if I plan well in advance it can be done. Now wether my family will be joining me in my festive mission is another matter. If not, it’ll be a one woman affair upstairs in my bedroom. With chocolate. And wine. And crochet. I have no problem with that. 

The Christmas cd’s are out of the cupboard, ready to be blasted out. Including the new Kylie Christmas cd my hubby insisted I have! We’re also planning a little party for a few of the neighbours and friends. It took me ages but I made a few invites for those not on social media.

It was nice to get my stamps out again, I’ll have to do more in the new year.

I think this weekend will be spent indoors as the weather is meant to be really bad. Our village has had to cancel its annual Christmas lights celebrations as the forecast is so bad. It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, I shall immerse myself in Christmas magazines instead, not forgetting my trusty Kirstie’s Christmas Crafts bible.


And of course I’ll be continuing with my crochet project…

Have a fabulous festive weekend folks 

Vicki xxx 

Vicki the bargain hunter

Hi all, how’s everyone doing? Getting a bit on the chilly side isn’t it? My new Ugg boots that my hubby bought for my birthday are getting used on a daily basis now. I decided it was time to go digging in the back of the wardrobe last week and find the big blue ikea bag full of hats, scarves and gloves. I found myself a nice surprise in there with them, a bag of bargains I bought back in the summer. Now I know not everyone’s a bit bonkers like me, shopping for woolly hats and gloves in July, but I promise it was purely by accident. I was browsing in H&M and saw the big display covered in those Vicki magnets (red sale signs!). I get it from my mum. It’s hereditary so there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it. I’m a lost cause. My hubby hates the fact that I automatically head for the sale rail whenever we go shopping. Personally I think he’s on his own there. Surely most men would be glad their wives aren’t spending more money than necessary!!! I really love getting a bargain, I get a real buzz from it and want to shout it from the high street. Anyway, here’s what I got in H&M.

A huge black continuous scarf/snood, about 2 balls of wool size. £1

Maroon sequinned mittens 50p

Black fingerless mittens 50p

Cream chunky mittens £1

A grand total of £3!! A saving of nearly £27! Wow!

Then I went into Primark and got these..

Fun, cute little reindeer gloves 50p


Two lovely chunky bobble hats 20p each!!!

Now that’s what I call bargains! I’ve got no excuse to be cold this winter now have I?

Stay warm,

Vicki xx