So many WIP’s, so little time

I have recently gone against all my own rules about not having too many projects on the go at once. I don’t know what’s come over me but I have so many things stashed in bags and baskets around the place, all screaming to be finished. I just keep starting new stuff, even my hubby disapproves.

The longest standing one has to be this…

It’s been in this state for almost a year a half!! That’s disgraceful. It’s going to be a blanket for me. In the new year I will give it my full attention.

Then there’s my blooming flower cushion. Another one for me. I started it way back in July I think? I keep finding excuses not to finish it off, don’t ask me why. I’m just getting a bit bored of it. 

It’s so close to being done, well the front of it is anyway. Just a few rows to go.

I was keen to start working with some of the yarn I brought back from yarndale so I started this…

And this..

I can’t say too much about these as they’ll be gifts, but I’m loving how quick the chunky yarn is working up, really fast. I made the schoolboy error of not buying enough of each (I always underestimate) so both had to go on hold while I awaited delivery of more.

Aren’t the colours of this delicious?  Very autumnal. I’ve been taking every opportunity to sit and crochet by the fire, it’s so cosy.

I’ve also started some leafy things but I’ll show you those next time.

I started writing a list of all my current WIP’s and planned ones, well it was ridiculous.  I MUST start crossing things off the list, NOT add any more to the list, NOT buy any more yarn and most certainly NOT start anything else until I’ve finished a few of these.

If I stick to that then I shall soon be back on track. 

Vicki xxx

Great balls of Yarndale 

Hello, can you have a little guess where I went this weekend? All you hooky friends will know as it’s the talk of the woolly media! Yes, I was extremely lucky enough to go to Yarndale on Saturday, my first ever time. I’d actually like to dedicate this post to an extremely talented friend, Janine,  who both knits and crochets the most beautiful things. Unfortunately, due to health reasons she was unable to go herself, so I hope this post gives her a little taster of the woolly wonders that were in store for us.

My other lovely friend Jane who’s also a woolly whiz, kindly arranged this trip and also drove us there. I’m not the most confident motorway driver so I was extremely grateful. Instead, I was on picnic duty which was fine by me.

We parked in the Skipton Building Society car park and waited in a very long queue for the shuttle bus to take us to the auction mart. On arrival we could sense the excitement in the air. It was hard to know where to start. We decided it would be wise to look around first before spending our hard earned pennies. We both had an idea of what we were looking out for but were also open to all the wonderful talent and inspiration that was everywhere to be seen. And there was that in abundance.

So much colour and creativity.

After seeing about half the event, we found ourselves in the Hub where there was a beautiful display of crocheted bunting.

We waited in line for ages to get a peek at the marvellous sheep that had been lovingly created and sent into the yarndale organisers. There were over 700 in all. They were all being sold off with all proceeds going to a local children’s hospice, Martin House.

So much cuteness and such a lot of love had been poured into making these. This was the one I picked…

I was just drawn to her, I think I’ll call her Betsy. I hope to find out who made her and where she’s from once Mr. Postman’s delivered her.

By this time, we were getting a bit peckish so decided to head out of the mayhem and madness and take the yarn walk to have our picnic in the fresh Yorkshire air. Just outside the building, there was a stall with a difference. It was called Little Fingy and sold knitted finger puppets. A very cool idea.

Just across from here was a lawned area where people congregated to chat yarn, eat lunch and generally get in the festival vibe.

The whole atmosphere here was so friendly, it was just lovely to be a part of it. You see those mandalas hanging from the trees? They were made by the lovely Lucy from Attic 24. One of those is on my ever growing, mental to-do list.

So off on our yarn walk, one of the many well thought out things that had been put into place by the organisers. I had to get a quick shot of the beautiful countryside we were surrounded by.

The whole walk took about 30 minutes although we stopped in the park to eat our picnic. The park had been yarn bombed which was no surprise really.

Once through the park, you met the canal. What a treat that was. Walking by the water is so peaceful.

This led us into the bustling town of Skipton. It’s a really lovely place, I’d love to have more time to explore it properly. We’d hoped to squeeze in a little visit to Lucy’s studio which she’d kindly opened to everyone for the weekend but time ran away with us and we still had half of yarndale to see. After a quick mooch about, we made our way to the train station to catch one of the red vintage buses that had been laid on to ferry us yarn-laden ladies to and fro.

It’s fabulous isn’t it? Inside was just as beautiful with mandalas and flowers decorating it.

Back to base, we were refreshed and ready to take on the crowds once more.

There were aisles and aisles of luxury yarns, way out of my price range and if I’m honest, a little out of my capabilities of finding suitable projects for. I’d be too scared to use it. I’d come with a shopping list and I actually stuck to it. I was very proud of myself. I was more than happy immersing myself in all the talent, hoping one day to be half as creative. Just look at this…

I would actually wear this.

And this is the stunning display of flowers for memories. Well half of it anyway, just breathtaking.

I love these houses created by Little Tin Bird. It’s given me a cool idea, if I ever get round to it! And living just opposite these was Lucy from Attic 24 with the Wool Warehouse stand.

And she had with her all her beautiful blankets that we’ve all marvelled at on her blog over the years. We were lucky to catch her at a quiet moment as the crowds were easing, and got to chat with her for a few minutes. I was quite in awe of her. At the risk of sounding slightly silly, it was a bit like meeting a celebrity! She was so so lovely though and I’m kicking myself now that I never plucked up the courage to ask for a photo. Oh well, I’m sure there’ll be other times.

Well, with weary legs and plenty of woolly ideas flying round in our minds, it was time to make tracks home. It was the longest I’d ever been away from Jude and although I’d missed him, boy did I need that time away. Time to just be me for a day, to indulge in my passion a little and not have to be responsible for anyone else.

As well as a few balls of stylecraft that I was running out of, I got these…

I have plans for two out of three of these, all will be revealed in good time. I’d hoped to see a granny square blocker for sale but surprisingly there weren’t any. I did come home with these must haves tho.

Aren’t they just the cutest little things? I love them! I’ll have to find a little home for them somewhere, with enough space for Betsy sheep to join them when she arrives.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and I feel very lucky to have been able to go.

Vicki xxx