My first and last amigurumi 

Hello! I finally bring to you a post completely dedicated to crafting. Now I always said to myself from the start of my crochet journey that I’d never attempt amigurumi. It just looked too fiddly and complicated and well, just way beyond my capabilities. Well, with the little fellas latest obsession being Bing Bunny from CBeebies and discussions with some hooky friends, they convinced me to have a go. Even downloaded and printed out a pattern for me. I couldn’t really worm my way out of that could I? Besides, I secretly wanted to challenge myself and just see if I could do it. 

If I was a fantastic mummy I’d have tried to make the Bing (the bunny & main character) but I chickened out and went for Flop (Bings carer/responsible creature) He looked far easier, plus I already had some leftover yarn in the perfect colour.

Flop started to take shape round about here. I was so relieved.

And stuffing now, go me!

When the instructions finished for the body, I had a massive gaping hole at the top still, you could have operated on his brain quite easily. I just kept going round and round, decreasing and decreasing until it finally met at the top. Where did I go wrong?

There’s his body. Well, not quite the body he was meant to have but honestly, who does?

Making his limbs wasn’t straight forward either, I very much winged it here. The ones the pattern produced looked nothing like the ones on the tv. So I made my own up.

The sewing on part which I’d been dreading actually turned out to be the fun bit. I loved watching him come to life.

Now for a freehand face.

Not too bad for a newbie. I think it just about resembles him.

Jude couldn’t wait to get his hands on him.

He came out with us too..

And got to play in the park.

I think he likes him, and he seems to be standing up ok so far to being thrown around and carried by his ears.

I don’t think I’ll be rushing to do it again though, there was a bit too much concentration required for my liking. I’m very glad I managed this one though ūüėä