Sneaky peek

Do you want a little sneaky peek at a couple of my recent makes? I’m sure it’s safe as my nan doesn’t do the Internet and to be honest, I don’t really have much else I can blog about at the moment!

So as I said, these things are for my lovely nan. I haven’t seen her since the summer when we went down south to visit. She’s always been a keen gardener and especially loves flowers so I thought I’d make her a comfy cushion for her armchair.  

I used Stylecraft Special DK in Sherbet for the front but didn’t have enough to do the back so used Parchment instead which I think goes quite well. I did it in a UK htr (half treble stitch) and after the first row, went into the back loops only to create the ridged effect.

To make the cushion pretty I’d decided to make some flowers to attach to the front. As luck would have it, the same day, Lucy from Attic 24 shared a pattern for her Floras Flowers which were absolutely spot on for what I wanted.

I used up scraps of bright colours for these, they worked up very quick.

I’m just a little bit in love with them! I pinned them in place on the front of the cushion and began to attach them. That was such a therapeutic task.

And here it is in all its colourful flower power…

To go with this I wanted to make her a couple of granny squares to go over the ends of the arms on her armchair. Did your grandparents ever have those? You know the linen ones with a touch of embroidery? I thought a simple granny square would do the same job. I used the parchment as the main colour and then the rest of the sherbet and a dusky pink. If I’d had more time I could have perhaps done some more flowers. Anyhow, this is what I ended up with…

And here’s the lot all together looking rather cosy on my armchair.

I’m happy with those, and I hope my lovely nan likes them too on Christmas Day. It’s a shame I can’t give them to her in person but a little piece of me will always be with her.


Granny square what??

I’ve been plodding on with my granny squares, still with no clue what they’re going to become. Perhaps a cushion, possibly a small blanket……maybe? What else could I make with them?

I’ve been doing them in different colour ways just with odd balls of yarn I have that aren’t really enough to do anything big.

I am loving these colours together.

It’s so quick to whip up a mini granny square, just 3 rows. It feels like I’ve achieved a lot more in a short space of time! When I’ve done all four squares, I crochet them all together then add a final row around the whole thing to make it a bit more chunky. Soo many ends to darn in though!!!

That takes almost as much time as hooking up the whole thing!

I treated myself to a bunch of stocks this week, they’re looking mighty fine on my fireplace in the living room.

I also took the dogs out on a rather stressful walk yesterday, it’s such hard work with the two of them and the pram. I saw this while out and just had to take a photo…

The prettiest looking telephone wire I’ve ever seen! I bet health and safety would be all over it though if they saw it.

Bye for now xx

I’m hooked!

Well I’ve finally got around to posting about my new favourite thing, crochet. Been too busy hooking! It took some getting the hang of I can tell you, but I was determined I was going to keep trying until I managed it. I spent many hours on you tube watching various tutorials, had my stack of books from the library which I studied. The books weren’t really helping me to learn, they gave me plenty of inspiration though. Lots & lots of projects I’d like to have a go at. I found I needed real, moving pictures to show me, where I could pause, try, play, pause, catch up, play, then rewind…. And do it all again! I just kept plodding on until that moment where that little switch in your head flicks on and you just GET IT. It’s just a case of finding a way that you understand, that makes perfect sense. It can be different for everyone.

My friend who’s an amazing knitter had wanted to learn to crochet for a while too. She’d gotten really frustrated and hadn’t found any tutorials that helped her. She decided to start a little crochet group at her house once a week. What a fantastic idea that was! There was talk of us maybe paying someone to come & teach us as a group but I think we’re doing amazingly on our own. There’s 3 of us so far and it’s working really well. We’ve all mastered the granny square and our first blankets are growing nicely. I’ve done about 25 squares up till now, not sure how many I’ll need for the finished product. It’s going to be for Baby J so won’t need to be huge. Here’s a little look at some of the squares so you can get an idea of what it’ll look like.


I took these photos a couple of weeks ago now so my little stack has grown quite a bit. It’s very satisfying seeing them all piled up! I’m trying to do a square a day, more if I can. I try and start a square while baby j is in the bath, any little opportunity. That’s the good thing about crochet, you can pick it up and do as little or as much as you want. The putting it down is getting harder, I say to myself, just one more row…. I’ll just go to the next corner….
My husband will look over at me in the evenings, see I’m hooking again and roll his eyes! Last night though I took shelter in the tranquil environment of my dining room while there was a big footy match going on. A little crochet accompanied by a glass of red made for a pleasant evening ūüėČ xx