National trust series – Speke Hall

As National Trust members, we often go for days out to visit some of the beautiful houses and gardens that are being looked after by them. I thought I’d do a little blog series on the ones we visit. It’ll be just as and when we go.

I’ll start with our closest one which is just 30 minutes drive away, Speke Hall.  We came here in the summer holidays on a lovely warm day. The building itself is a Tudor timber framed house. It’s lovely but when you’ve seen inside once, there’s really not much to look at again. 

The thing I love the most about the national trust places are the grounds and the gardens.

They have a kitchen garden there and it just so happened that they were celebrating what would have been Beatrix Potters 150th birthday. They’d yarn bombed the kitchen garden with the most adorable little fruit, veg and creatures. I just had to share it with you.

And there’s Mr. McGregor himself, keeping a watchful eye over his veg patch. They had a lady dressed up in Victorian clothing telling children the much loved stories from Miss Potter and her little friends. Jude’s too much of a wriggler to sit still for more than 5 seconds unfortunately.

The grounds are quite extensive, I’m pretty sure we’ve never managed to see everything. They go all the way down to the River Mersey and if you’re a keen plane spotter, it’s right next door to Liverpool John Lennon airport. There’s a pretty woodland which I’ve written about before at bluebell time. They have a nice play area for the kids and also a maze, although I’ve not managed to venture in there just yet. The bonus is its just 30 minutes drive for us so we can go back anytime we feel like it.

The beauty of bluebells 

The humble bluebell.  A beautiful and delicate plant in its own right. But when you find them en masse in the bluebell woods, they’re truly breathtaking. I’ve been longing to visit them for ages now but I wanted to wait till they were properly out and for the wet weather to come to an end. I had a couple of hours to kill yesterday and the sun was shining so I took my chance and went to our closest national trust place, Speke Hall.

Now as usual, I did get a bit carried away with photo taking. I just couldn’t help myself though. When you’re there, in amongst them all, you just want to capture every moment because it’s all so beautiful. The photos really don’t do them justice but it’s the next best thing to actually being there in person. Pictures certainly can’t convey the aroma in the air and the sound of birdsong. Anyway, I honestly did restrain myself when selecting which photos to use here. You may not think so but I promise I did! If you’re not a lover of bluebells then look away now…

There, all done. If you’ve got this far then I thank you for sticking with it! Aren’t they beautiful? It’s just like a violet haze covering the ground. The woods are a very special place to be at this time of year.