It’s December!

Hello! It’s December now so it’s actually officially official that it’ll soon be Christmas and I’ve been given permission (!!) to get festive. As if I needed permission anyway! I’ve been decorating the house this last couple of weeks, taking my time and faffing to my hearts content. I’m not done yet but the living room is finished. We’re using the artificial tree again so that little hands aren’t picking up and eating sharp pine needles. I do love a real tree, the smell just screams Christmas.

We’ve gone for a purple and white theme this year. We’ve had the same decorations for donkeys years so thought it was about time for a change.


We can’t find a tree topper anywhere, I think they must be going out of fashion.

Of course I have lots of candles burning every evening, they create such a warm, cosy atmosphere. I’m loving opening my Yankee advent calendar every day, I’m using our cute little fireplace to burn that.

It still feels a bit bare in here, not helped by the loss of our beautiful mirror over the fireplace. It fell off and smashed to smithereens a couple of months ago, we’re on the lookout for a replacement.

We’ll be getting a small, real tree for the dining room so I can get decorating that soon too, to the sound of Mr Buble warbling Christmas songs and a glass of warm mulled wine. I have some chestnuts too, maybe I’ll roast them on our open fire. Or maybe I’ll just bung them in the oven, probably easier, though not as festive!


2 thoughts on “It’s December!

  1. kmt94010513 December 6, 2015 / 4:57 am

    Your purple and white themed Christmas tree is gorgeous! Purple is my very favorite color, so I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your tree. I noticed you said you couldn’t find tree toppers. Here’s a link to a few purple tree toppers-I checked them all and all are still available for delivery prior to Christmas (there a number of other nice ones, but their estimated delivery date was after Christmas). This is the link:
    Best wishes in find a tree topper that complements and enhances your already beautiful purple Christmas tree!

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    • Vicki December 6, 2015 / 10:36 am

      Wow thanks very much for that, I’m off to look now 😀

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